Multitasking is a skill that is already innate to us, thus it is one of the basic skills required in every job — in fact, it is a highly-required skill. This is to test a candidate if they are up to unexpected challenges while doing their usual tasks, how well-prepared and well-aware they are when… Continue reading Multitasking

Working From Home

My line of work deals with banking and finance, and because of its nature, working from home is out of the question — at least for its offshore agents. Another downside of it, if you don’t show up in the office, unless you still have leave credits that can be converted into cash, you won’t… Continue reading Working From Home

Procrastination: The Enemy Within

WHY? A lot of people struggling to get things done end up procrastinating, and it contributes a lot of factors. Let’s all admit: most of us hate to admit that they’re getting lazy over something they, themselves, have planned for a long time, and when they realized what went wrong, they will end up cramming… Continue reading Procrastination: The Enemy Within