Welcome to my life right now. Brain stuck. From the title itself, it’s already self-explanatory. If you have a lot of ideas in your mind that you want to do at the same time, probably to save you time and effort, this can be the result. Overthinking and overprioritizing may lead one not to be… Continue reading Brainstucked

Post Schedules

Since I’m still adjusting to my current schedule, plus I still have my regular job from 6 am to 3 PM MNL, I will post every other day for now, and expect me to be a bit active on weekends. Please bear with me, once I’m used to my schedule, you can expect more posts… Continue reading Post Schedules

Procrastination: The Enemy Within

WHY? A lot of people struggling to get things done end up procrastinating, and it contributes a lot of factors. Let’s all admit: most of us hate to admit that they’re getting lazy over something they, themselves, have planned for a long time, and when they realized what went wrong, they will end up cramming… Continue reading Procrastination: The Enemy Within