Starting Over Again

This is somehow relevant to my latest pin on this blog and to my current situation where I regretted being idle for months without doing something to fix it. I felt like things went for the worst since I ‘stopped’. My third sister is currently looking for a new job after her contract ended, while… Continue reading Starting Over Again

A Faithful Return

It has been months since my last post, it was something I regretted neglecting it for a period of time. I’m sure you know why. A lot of things have happened in my personal life, including my sudden illness, but it wasn’t major (and don’t worry, it’s not COVID-19 although I was so close in… Continue reading A Faithful Return

Never Stop Learning!

We are all naturally curious. We wanted to try things we have never done in our lives. We have different reasons to learn something that just came across or we’re required to do so, and whatever our reasons are always yields experience, no matter how positive or negative they are. From my observations, and even… Continue reading Never Stop Learning!

There Is No Such Thing As Easy Money

Except for trying to get into any illegal stuff, I’ve been stretching my usual working hours for years and even tried to get at least one part-time job before. Regarding getting a part-time job, it didn’t work for me at all. Why? Because of fear. I feared at that time that because I lack experience… Continue reading There Is No Such Thing As Easy Money

Detoxifying The Mind

That happens to me. A lot. Mixing up tasks to be done for the day, plus thinking of what to do next like household chores, shopping, running errands — in the end, all I got was exhaustion that I will not notice myself already sleeping, then I’ll wake up realizing it’s already morning. Another day… Continue reading Detoxifying The Mind

Of Families and Pressure

Let me guess: you wanted to tell your plans or decisions to your family and friends, but ended up biting your lip in silence because you fear that they’ll reject you. Don’t worry, we all went to that stage. Especially me. My family isn’t strict nor chill. We have this rule that once you did… Continue reading Of Families and Pressure

The Metamorphosis Of A Cyber Introvert

Let me tell you my secret: I’m an introvert. Whether I’m in my own home, or at work, or even at every social media account I own. I seldom post on FaceBook, only when there is food, something funny, something memorable, or even an artwork. I mostly use my IG account for food or artwork.… Continue reading The Metamorphosis Of A Cyber Introvert