Back With A Vengeance (?)

It has been months since my last post dealing with debt. And until now I’m still trapped in it. So for my initiative to get away from the curse, reviving this blog will be the first on my list. I’m currently learning more on how to make the most of my blog to make it… Continue reading Back With A Vengeance (?)

What I Learned From Earning Freelance To Living In Debt

My November was a good one after landing a writing job for an online clothing brand and since then, I had no problems financially. From there I thought, even earning around $4 an hour posting and editing articles that will entice potential buyers, I’m all good as long as I have this gig… And then… Continue reading What I Learned From Earning Freelance To Living In Debt

Site Updates

Someone commented about the background picture I used, and they’re right about it (sighs). I also find the background too bright for my posts to be read, especially if I’m using bright fonts. Wrong move, me. So for now, I decided to remove the background image for good until I figure out how to find… Continue reading Site Updates

Some Announcements

I’ve recently upgraded my account to make it better! So you might notice that in the next 30 minutes to (probably) 72 hours, the new domain ‘’ will be active. I also decided to link my Pinterest account, thought it was just newly-created and still have to integrate every post I made here to reach… Continue reading Some Announcements

A Faithful Return

It has been months since my last post, it was something I regretted neglecting it for a period of time. I’m sure you know why. A lot of things have happened in my personal life, including my sudden illness, but it wasn’t major (and don’t worry, it’s not COVID-19 although I was so close in… Continue reading A Faithful Return

The Importance Of Financial Education

If you still remember what I shared about my horrible experience in my last entry, to end up having a huge amount of debt because of fear of getting short of money for any kind of emergency is because of my lack of financial literacy. Two weeks ago, I attended a short course on financial… Continue reading The Importance Of Financial Education

Never Stop Learning: What’s Your Excuse?

In my previous post, we tackled about how we don’t stop learning things even after stepping out of school, whether by accident or if we choose to do so, and how available tutorials could help us prepare for the job we want. But what if you only decided to learn new things just for the… Continue reading Never Stop Learning: What’s Your Excuse?

Living In Debt

I’ll be honest here: I was able to avail of a certain training course from borrowing from a legit loaning company, while I still have outstanding debt from government-run social services. I have several reasons for doing this, one being my obligation with my family. Just recently, I borrowed a huge sum again, so obviously… Continue reading Living In Debt

Starting Over Again — You’re Not Alone

In my previous post on me starting over, I mentioned how I have to start fresh after several hardships began to hit me twice as hard, making me remember why I am doing all of these in the first place. Then, thinking that I have been inactive on our group for a few months, I… Continue reading Starting Over Again — You’re Not Alone