What I Learned From Earning Freelance To Living In Debt

My November was a good one after landing a writing job for an online clothing brand and since then, I had no problems financially. From there I thought, even earning around $4 an hour posting and editing articles that will entice potential buyers, I’m all good as long as I have this gig…

And then I caught the notorious coronavirus and during my confinement, I got ‘fired’ from the job. It also took me three months to get my sickness benefit — which was only a quarter of what I earn bi-weekly. And from there, I saw myself having a debt bigger than my own monthly salary.

Instead of doing something right away to get back on the track, I messaged my direct supervisor asking if they are still websites that might need articles that I can write as soon as possible, but he said there are none as of this moment to make way for possible revenue they will get from my previous articles. In short, I haven’t been back to my writing job since February, as I thought I was as good as been fired. Instead of doing something better to get back what I’ve lost, I desperately loaned some money from legitimate loan apps and banks and ended up unable to save enough; instead they end up as payments for my loans. I even ended up pawning my prized Huawei MatePad Pro — my gift to self on my birthday, but luckily I was able to get it back or I will have no means of entertaining myself with drawing and stuff. Plus I have an obligation to give some to my sister for our monthly rent. So imagine yourself in my shoes working more than nine hours just to end up paying your debts instead of saving for your own vacation or birthday.

Just recently, I took a brave leap to try out another way to earn — through social media and, perhaps, bringing this blog back to life.

In short, you got it right. Yours truly, once again, has been defeated by my eternal arch-nemesis, PROCRASTINATION.

You’re probably wondering what this article will mean to you and why I decided to write my experience months after I went on an unannounced hiatus. This is to serve as an eye-opener not just for me, but for those who were already too confident with their current situation without thinking of possibilities of getting laid off without warning, or without a backup plan. Obviously, I ended up being overconfident with my writing job thinking that I can finally do whatever the hell I want while earning. Just as I also thought, and this has always been canon: there is no such thing as easy money. So if right now you’re thinking that you’re already contented with the current job you’re having and then you end up in the same boat as me, please, do yourself a favor and STOP RIGHT NOW.

Act. Take a brave leap. Never assume it’s all good for you — until you’ve earned enough to the point that all you need to do is to retire to somewhere great.

In my case right now, I have to start over. Again. Truly this has been a painful cycle where I started great and ended up in mud where I thought I have learned my lesson. This is where you will realize that unless you take the initiative, your arch-nemesis in your life (in my case, procrastination) will still win. You’ll end up just dreaming about getting rich without doing any step to become one except putting all your hopes in luck — and yep, I’m guilty AF.

Ironically, I posted something about managing debt and here I am, trying to find ways to pay all my debts with a salary less than P10K a month.

Just as that realization hit me hard after being too overconfident with how I earned from last year, it made me remember and go back to my BIG WHY. And then I saw myself fighting back my tears. I knew what went wrong, yet I didn’t do anything.

So let this post become an eye-opener for you, for those dealing with their inner demons all their lives and those who are currently living the way they wanted without a backup plan. Right now, I’m telling you: unless you plan ahead, you’ll never know what will happen to you and to your family in the future. As soon as possible, invest in a new hobby or sideline that will make you earn extra. If you’re like me who couldn’t leave their day job for a number of reasons but wanted to change something by getting part-time jobs, go ahead, take that job that will earn you extra, but never rely on that part-time job as your salvation to your own financial crisis. There are tons of legit jobs out there that needed your help as much as you do right now, so grab that opportunity if you think that is your calling or if you think you can do it. It will be also a win for you as you take it as your extra badge for your resume.

And if you’re in the same shoes as me right now and you’re too lazy to start over, STOP IT. Stand up, find something that will bring you back on track. Do something for yourself and for the people who relies on you — and never act like a freeloader to your own family. Trust me, it’s eating me right now. But I will not allow myself to be eaten again by my own demon just because I’ve become too complacent. So same goes for you.

Don’t let procrastination win. ACT NOW.

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