Back With A Vengeance (?)

It has been months since my last post dealing with debt. And until now I’m still trapped in it. So for my initiative to get away from the curse, reviving this blog will be the first on my list.

I’m currently learning more on how to make the most of my blog to make it more engaging for people who are in the same situation as me. I may be not an expert when it comes to revamping blogs, but it won’t hurt to give it another shot.

Right now you’re maybe thinking I’m making a desperate move to make money. Maybe I am, but I have my big WHY on my mind. Without it, I might be still lying on my bed thinking only on how to get rich without doing anything.

Some people might get angry at me for saying this, but magic, in real life, doesn’t exist. If you want something and make something happen, you need to make a move and succeed no matter what. But of course, it should not involve anything to backstab someone or ruin someone’s happiness.

I’m still in the process of learning and I hope you bear with me on this. Hopefully once I’ve acquired enough knowledge to run a blog, it will be better and it will help more people like me to stand up and take up the courage to take the first step to get away from the rat race.

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