Starting Over Again — You’re Not Alone

Just as you were about to give up on changing yourself for the better thinking that it was harder than you thought, new hardships began to show up reminding you why you chose to fight for the better. Then, you realized that you’re not alone in your current struggle. People began to check you out, telling their own insights, and from there, you have never felt twice as relieved, because you know you’re not alone at all.

In my previous post on me starting over, I mentioned how I have to start fresh after several hardships began to hit me twice as hard, making me remember why I am doing all of these in the first place. Then, thinking that I have been inactive on our group for a few months, I decided to post something there again, telling them of my current struggles that made me PROCRASTINATE once again. After that post…

I never expected overwhelming responses, telling me that they’re feeling the same thing. From there I knew that I’m not, and never will be alone in this kind of problem.

As I’ve said before, anyone can be a victim of procrastination, it will just hit you on a critical time, and from reading my colleagues’ responses to my post, they’ve been dealing with their own demons, too. To be honest, I never expected my post to be that inspiring, to wake them up from their own nightmare and made them rethink of their own big WHY. I was surprised and glad that I was able to make that kind of impact to others.

At the back of my mind, it told me, aren’t you glad that you’re not the only one struggling? It made me also realize that, just like me, these people also need help, and I thought I was able to help them in a small way as how it helped myself. So with that, I steeled my resolve not to give up with my goals to get out of the rat race.

My dream board is cheering on me. My colleagues keep on messaging me for tips and tricks, while my inner self keeps on screaming at me, get your ass up, move and don’t stop.

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