The Dream Board

You have a lot of goals listed on your mind and ended up saving those pictures or even putting them on a wishlist hoping that you will be able to get them as soon as possible. This is where you get your inspiration to move forward and do whatever it takes to make those dreams come true instead of just staring at those pictures on your diary or pinboard.

Every one has goals in life, and each of us is looking for every possibility to make it happen, whether it is just as simple as buying your dream shirt to grander ones like aiming for a house and lot. One technique most people do to get focused is to create their pin board with pictures of anything they want to get once they earned enough or managed to land on a job that they will love.

As the name implies, a dream board is anything where you put your goals to be your ‘targets’ as you focus on your work, whether it is a place that you want to go, or something that you want to have, or even aiming for something intangible. Mostly, people will collate them on a pinboard and hang in on a space where they can see right away, reminding them on their big WHY, or will create a wishlist. In short, your big WHY — only more visible.

The good thing about creating a dream board is that you can put whatever your goals are in that space, as long as you know you’re confident to make them come true one day. It’s one way to exercise one’s focus on achieving every single goal they posted on that board. But of course (in my honest opinion), a dream board will not be a dream board if you don’t have a plan on your mind on how to achieve them, no matter how simple or grand your goal is. It’s like, for each goal, you will have to set a course on how you will achieve it by coming up with a good plan and how to execute it. And the main, not-so-secret ingredient to an achievable goal is through discipline.

You don’t have to follow an aesthetic to create a dream board, you can just post up whatever you want to achieve in the future ensuring that you already have a plan to make that happen soon. In my case, one of my biggest dreams is to go to Japan, so I look up for pictures that will remind me of Japan and saved them on my Pinterest account (I don’t have a physical pinboard, so I’m sure that will work, after all, that’s how Pinterest works, right?), and started to take the first steps in making it come true by studying Japanese, learning their culture, and looking for side hustle to earn extra to put them in my savings account dedicated to my goals. Speaking of my board, I’m still updating it because I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve — but then I thought, I have to remember that I don’t have to achieve all of them in a single go. I can focus on the biggest picture and the rest will just come as I go with focusing on my work.

Yep, you have your dream board, but you don’t have to strain yourself to achieve them all. Choose your biggest target, aim at it, and other targets will be easier for you in the long run, as long as you have great focus on that one big target.

Bear in mind, though, that one goal cannot be achieved overnight nor in just one stare. Hard work and discipline always come hand in hand to make even the impossible possible. Dreams will remain dreams until you step up and make them a reality.

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