Working From Home

In these trying times, work-from-home job offers boomed to help their employees stay productive while keeping themselves safe at the same time — however, not all companies or line of businesses can offer this alternative for various reasons, thus either they start doing online businesses, hustle in a part-time job, or simply… just resign from their respective companies to find a job the safest way.

My line of work deals with banking and finance, and because of its nature, working from home is out of the question — at least for its offshore agents. Another downside of it, if you don’t show up in the office, unless you still have leave credits that can be converted into cash, you won’t get paid regardless if you’ve been advised to go on a quarantine. It may be frustrating that I already love my current job but the management lacked alternatives to keep their employees safe aside from shuttle service, but when it comes to having an income, I have no choice, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this dilemma. I couldn’t resign, either, because I thought it’s still not yet the right time especially that my family is also currently facing financial problems, so looking for part-time jobs at the comfort of my home is one way I can help for now…

But I’ll be frank with you: looking for a job with a work-from-home setup is as hard as finding a job that will hire you based on your skills and qualifications — or that is what I thought, until I made my research.

Virtual assistance jobs began to flourish when the world went into lockdown, where business still goes with the help of these people to manage them. Several types of virtual assistance jobs were offered and the once-broad job branched into different areas per need of the client. Online business boomed as well as they can deliver their goods and services to those in need. Online education and training became accessible for those who couldn’t go out due to pandemic and those who want to learn ahead. There are also food deliveries left and right so no one will get hungry. Appointments to their doctors and dentists also became available via ZOOM. Most people would also look for ways to make their social media accounts profitable by showcasing their hidden talents and skills. The possibilities are endless as the world enters the new normal.

This is why learning doesn’t stop in graduation, because there are a lot of jobs that will ask you to be knowledgeable in a certain area that will qualify you and not just sticking to what you only know and learn from school. People who went outside of their comfort zone became successful eventually in the field they chose that will generate them more income than they once had. Knowing this, a lot of friends I know who had day jobs either quit to become freelance or sidelined in their own business just for them to keep working and earning while being stuck at home.

I thought, after days — er, months of being idle and not touching this blog and not finishing the training at the same time, here I am, starting over to make sure that mistake will not happen again.

To those who are still required to report in their respective offices at this time, I salute you, but please, consider your own and your family’s health and safety. Employers can replace employees who got sick, got into an accident, or even died, but they — or even you — cannot replace your life. Opportunities are still everywhere, even if you don’t have to leave home for now.

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