There Is No Such Thing As Easy Money

Let’s all admit: we want instant money. We want everything we do to be compensated through monetary means. We all want money to survive, to get what we want, to go somewhere farther, all in an instant. And once we get paid, we’ll immediately spend it on bills, basic expenses like food, medicine — to the point that we couldn’t save even just a little for our future. Once we run out of budget, our next course of action is to take an overtime to earn more, or find part-time jobs, that at the end of the day, we all wish instead for a job that will give us big, easy money by engaging in not-so-legal activities.

Except for trying to get into any illegal stuff, I’ve been stretching my usual working hours for years and even tried to get at least one part-time job before. Regarding getting a part-time job, it didn’t work for me at all. Why? Because of fear. I feared at that time that because I lack experience and I’m not used to extensive critical thinking while working, and because of their work ethics, either I didn’t pursue them anymore or just quitted. I have to admit, I wasn’t even sure if that was the best or the worst decision I made because I left those part-time jobs, but one thing is for sure: I remained stuck in my mediocre life.

I’m not planning to stay in that kind of life, though.

From reading those job offers, and even before I got hired in my current job, I have learned the ultimate truth: there is no such thing as an easy job, let alone easy money. Looking for easy money only means that you don’t want to work too hard to earn. Why though? We have a lot of excuses to think of not to exert effort to earn what we want or deserve. I’ve been like that for years, but just as I have mentioned before, procrastination will never gain anything in any one’s favor. And if you’ll go for easy money, there will be a lot of consequences.

For the past few years, I’ve learned that it’s better to work in a legitimate job with small pay than earn big in a shady business that can compromise everything you hold for a long time. But then, knowing that what my current job has been providing me is not enough for me and for my family, getting a part-time job will help, but I also have to face the fact that getting another job, and the job, itself, will not be easy.

Jobs are never designed to be easy to begin with. Some jobs might look easy at first, but how it will be done is already a different matter. You don’t know what to do, where to start and who you can run into if you’ll encounter a problem while doing the job or if you screw up. That’s why most jobs have trainings and coaches to help you start right. Also, processes change from time to time depending on the type of job you’re taking, it’s never constant, so you can’t just rely on guts alone. You have to study and learn new processes to be put them to use, until you’ll realize that it’s already easy for you because you already know what to do and how to do it.

And another thing: the more job experiences you have, the more you can earn extra. See, if you’re a first timer that you want to have money without working too much, think about those who are already earning six to seven figures — they never earned those figures overnight. It’s because they have skills that they have studied intensively to get their desired results. The key here is simply discipline. You’ll complain about how hard the job will be, but if you’re diligent enough to learn it and to learn more, the results will be amazing. The problem in us is just that we all want things to be instant like noodles, while not all things in the world will give you instant relief and fortune. Even the rich can attest that in their own experiences.

In all honesty, in my years in the same line of work, I’ve learned that I’m not that disciplined at all when it comes to getting what my family and I want. And there is still more room for me to work on my focus and discipline to earn more one day without relying on one job alone — and without complaining.


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