Detoxifying The Mind

Your mind is set to do all the tasks at the same time, hoping that it will give you more personal time later one. But doing all the tasks at the same time will sometimes make you more fully booked for a day than you thought you would be, like your time was shortened twice than expected because after doing all those scheduled tasks, you ended up exhausted, body and mind, that you want to sleep afterwards.

That happens to me. A lot. Mixing up tasks to be done for the day, plus thinking of what to do next like household chores, shopping, running errands — in the end, all I got was exhaustion that I will not notice myself already sleeping, then I’ll wake up realizing it’s already morning. Another day at the office.

Doing all the work at the same time, adding up too much thinking about what to do next, mostly results to stress, and it’s not just weakens the body, but also the mind. Once you got sick, and you recovered afterwards, your flow will be disrupted, like you don’t want to go back to work again and all you want to do is to just lie down and let the time pass by. That will destroy your productivity and your plans in the future at the same time. No one would like that, right?

I’ve been procrastinating all my life because one of my fears also is to get sick from working, being someone with a weak body since birth. It was a wrong move for me because doing so has made me lose so much time. I’ve been thinking of a few ways, myself, on how I can still handle important tasks and errands without mixing them up. Of course, I can’t forget to add some ‘me’ time on a certain schedule.

I thought of scheduling my ‘me’ time every Sunday, where I won’t think about work and anything that will stress me. So what I usually do on my ‘me’ time?

I finish my stories, that helps me keep my mind going while working on scenarios. I also draw when there is a chance. I haven’t had a chance to touch my tablet and stylus lately so I thought doing traditional sketches will help me bring back my days when I had all the free time. Listening to music while drawing is my favorite thing to do on a Sunday. Shopping for basics help me get a chance to get out at least for a short time for a little fresh air. Cooking sometimes also ease my mind. Once my mind is refreshed, it will give me more energy to do my tasks the next day. It will also help me make plans ahead without doing them all at the same time.

The moral here is, you still have the right for self-care. You’re may be doing all the work for your family, but not all the time you have to sacrifice everything to give them the best. You might be the only one they could count on, so learn to take care of yourself. Relax. Check your physical and mental health. Exercise and do some fun stuff if you feel like you are already overworked. You deserve to treat yourself after a week of working hard for them.

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