The Metamorphosis Of A Cyber Introvert

You now have an experience and knowledge. You’ve aced the interview. You’re ready to take the job. But hold on, the clients don’t know you yet, so basically, they will do a background check. And since we’re living in a digital age, they will look into your social media accounts. They have the authority to stalk on your Facebook or Twitter account to learn more about you, what you really do and how credible you are.

Let me tell you my secret: I’m an introvert. Whether I’m in my own home, or at work, or even at every social media account I own. I seldom post on FaceBook, only when there is food, something funny, something memorable, or even an artwork. I mostly use my IG account for food or artwork. I rarely use Twitter. Ask my friends on my social media accounts on how or when I usually post, you’ll get the same answer. I don’t even talk much to my own family and friends because I thought, what in the world do I have to talk about that they can relate? I’m too private, you could say.

This is the number one reason why nothing happened to me when I tried applying for any work-at-home job.

But here is the thing: potential clients will not care about your food choices nor your preferences. They will only care for what you can do and what you can offer. And those social medial accounts you own will reflect on your skill and professionalism, whether you’re in a corporate world or just working at home. As someone who is just starting to become a virtual assistant, what does this mean to you?

Wakey, wakey! You need to update all your social media accounts.

All of my social accounts have the picture of our pet cat as my profile pic, so I decided to change them into my most recent (see my About page, still with my cat on it) just to let them know that they are dealing with a human being. That’s one purpose of profile pictures, they reflect on who you are and what others want to perceive at you. You don’t want to think that they’re dealing with a cat or a dog or Batman, right?

Also, as much as possible, be professional in your profile pics. That will give you more power and ascertainty that you mean business for those who will look at your profile. Be careful also with what you post. It’s just normal if you want to post your hobbies and likes because that is what makes you more human, just avoid being too negative and opinionated on sensitive issues like politics — or even post something offensive enough to get fired by your prospects before you even undergo an interview.

–But don’t be too positive, either. You know about toxic positivity, right? It’s like all of your posts are nothing but inspirational quotes that you’re starting to run away from reality and forgetting people who are in more need of help then shutting them down.

If you’re not the talkative type or socially active like me, I believe this is now the right time for us to step up and be visible. Let the people who follow you that you’re a living being capable of doing what they are required you to do. Be active in your groups, react on their post, ask relevant questions, but you don’t have to do this every single minute. Otherwise, they might mistake you as annoying. Be visible, but don’t crave for attention.

Speaking of reaching out and be visible, try out talking about your journeys and experiences through a blog or a bullet journal. This will enhance your written communication skills in the long run. Taking to your family about good stuff and even your plan on venturing to a new opportunity will also fix your social skills at least.

I know that you’ll have a hard time adjusting to the new way to attract future prospects, but after learning from the experts, trust me, the people who will like your blog and posts can become one of those will contact you first to build their relationship with you. Just step up a bit, I’m learning that, too.

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