The Big WHY

We all have reasons why we want or need a job or a big opportunity. Whether it is personal or for something or someone else, your number one reason will serve as your driving force to reach your goal. Everyone has a big WHY, but why only a few percentage of these people we able to answer their big why? Agree on me or not…


We already have this one goal in mind, all we have to do is to do the hard work to reach it. Problem is, most of us get distracted for a number of reasons (read here), thus we end up having doubts to ourselves (also read here). Mix them together, and it will be just like a bomb that will paralyze you until all you can only do is to dream.

There is nothing wrong dreaming, but in my opinion, a dream can only be achieved by working it out, staying focused and disciplining oneself. You now have all the resources to do your task, but you can’t expect these resources to work for you instantly. They will need your knowledge and will to make them work and to make your tasks easier.

I have my own big WHY and it has been constant for years: I want to give my family the best of everything. But what happened to me? I remained stuck in my regular job, never got promoted and just daydreamed until taking the Amazon VA Masterclass changed my perspective. Despite trying different ways and even switching different companies just to provide my family with what they want, it all turned out that I didn’t do much at all because I was so scared of taking risks.

Don’t let your big WHY stuck on your head and notes forever. You have all the means to reach it, all you need to do is to face your fears and be confident that you can and you will do it.


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