You want to be successful? STOP PROCRASTINATING!

Everyone wants to be successful in life. I am no exception. But as we aim for what we want, we all have one common enemy that stops us for reaching our goal…


I made this site to record my transition and journey from someone stuck in a production floor with low salary and unsure incentives to someone getting paid three to five times while just at home. As someone who has been beaten by procrastination several times in life, I want you, the reader, to become my mom and dad to tell me…


I’m still learning to become the best virtual assistant anyone can hire, so this site will showcase (probably) some tips and tricks to fight off the biggest enemy every single day, until hopefully, I’ll realize, I’m already turning this into a habit. So join me in my journey, and help me get up on time and make things done!

(Including fixing my site, though)